My Wilderness systems 115 test run (Stability)


Finally got out and tested the wilderness systems 115 and man does it perform on the water. I think I will let this video speak for its self.

“Happy hunting”


Kayak Fishing in Las Vegas

IMG_6066.JPG alt=”IMG_6066-0.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” />
This all started with a snickering comment from my fiancé “sorry honey but there’s no fishing in the desert”
And boy was it fun proving her wrong!

After some time dwelling on the fact I had made a promise to my now wife that no matter where or why we traveled I would find the time and means to fish and I wouldn’t let a mere desert stop me from fulfilling a promise to the love of my life, what would that tell her of my character?

As I searched with much doubt that I could achieve this daft goal of seemingly impossibleness “surprised” I promptly received an e-mail from a rather excited sounding outfit based just outside of Las Vegas. The message indicated that we would have to chose where and what we would like to fish for, “We had options?”

After a brief discussion with the rest of the group, we decided bigger is better and opted for Lake Mohave, while there are several species to target in the lake (Rainbow trout,Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Striped bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Channel catfish,Common carp,Threadfin shad) reading that striped bass can reach well over 50lbs, we wanted the big boys.

Our trip started at a gruelling 2:30am (our guides suggestion) struggling with the effects of the lack of sleep and “a few cocktails” the night before, we boarded a large van toting a trailer loaded with the vessels we would later be paddling, coffee and some much needed, incredibly dense, 5lbs breakfast burritos.

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Watching the sun rise over the canyon walls, wandering off into the unknown while anticipating the fish of a lifetime was indeed a treat in its very own.



It took the better half of the day chasing massive leaping bass to figure out that simply put “we were not in Kansas any more”. We discussed amongst ourselves the varying hypothesizes behind our failure to produce like any pride struck anglers would, we determined that due to the warmer and strangely wetter than usual weather there was a freak spawn of copepods resulting in clouds of tiny, tasty shrimp that the monster striped bass found much tastier and interesting than our poorly represented presentation 10 to 12 inch rapala style trout. 😉


Even though none of our group caught fish, the trip was a great success as the feeling of paddling in a flooded desert canyon surrounded by cacti and tumble weed is an experience we won’t soon forget. Our guide (John at Desert Adventures Las Vegas) was extremely knowledgable about the local history and provided us with a wealth of information on the surrounding area. “Great job John”!


All in all I can’t wait for my next trip to Vegas for round two and a big dose of vengeful fishing.


This is a highly recommended adventure and well worth the price of admission.

Yours truly Sturgeon Rod,
Bidding you tight lines and wet adventures.

2014 Hobie Mirage Sport

2014 Hobie Mirage Sport

With most new products there are undeniable pros and cons. With most situations of change there are some likes and dislikes. That being said, my transition from the 1st generation Sport to the all new 2014 Sport is no exception.


-The all new for 2014 slightly more hydrodynamic hull shape allows you to move through the water a little easier and eliminates almost all the dreaded hull slap experienced with previous models. It seems that they have shifted the cockpit forward an inch or so resulting in a more level ride and improved handling with a minor loss in stability.



-All new moulded Lowrance Ready transducer mount with pop outs for in hull wiring, making fish-finder installation much more practical.

-New larger Bow hatch enables you to store lunch, drybag, ect conveniently with ease.

-added storage netting for secure storage is awesome.

-first and foremost the seats on the 1st gen Sport were absolutely amazingly comfortable, not the case with the 2014 Sport, I ended up folding my seat in half to double the cushion but by that point my bony rear was already sore. I will be purchasing the inflatable cushion in hopes to remedy this issue.

-since it seems they moved the cockpit forward the already tight area seems to be even tighter and being almost 6′ tall I could use the room.

As to the conclusion to my so far short experience in this fine vessel, I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to catching some scaly dino’s ASAP.


Harrison valley fishing report May 17/18, 2013


With water levels at there peak I know there are schools of cut throat and packs of dollies on the prowl. And we had just the thing for them to chase, a top secret spinner my father had made in several colour variations including red, green, chartreuse even black and man do these things work. Sat may 17 started slow and began to pick up around 12:30pm we had many hookups with different species notably my father brought in a nice little bull trout amongst a few dozen 12″ cut throat between the two of us before the days end.




Sunday May 18 started much as the day before but I knew that would change with time. We decided to peddle the flood waters to the mouth of Morris creek in search of a bite. 2.5 km and no fish??

20130519-183615.jpgafter a quick rest on a nearby rock we headed back, I started to quick change though my stash of spinners we had constructed the night before but nothing was happening,”this isn’t right” I thought and just then I seen a small fish surface, I trolled in its direction with hopes to break the skunk when it took the bait, it was a small pike minnow but a fish non the less. And I had found the magic, an ultra light chartreuse spinner that would attract every fish I brought in this day.

20130519-183750.jpg I continued to catch and lose an assortment of 8-10″ shakers all the way back to the launch, it was around 2:00 and my father was still fish less and I needed a decent fish, I peddled up the inflow creek landing a beautiful dolly varden and a healthy cuttie after a sketchy battle involving about thirty leaping flips around my kayak about her double digit tally for me and I’m glad the old guy managed to finally break the skunk with a small cut throat to end the day.



It was a great weekend with and well worth the short rugged trek into the into the small wonderful watershed.


Gates Lake fishing report May 03, 2013

It didn’t take me long to hook into a nice 15″ feisty rainbow on this clean clear almost potable body of water, I launched from our campsite at Whispering Falls Resort in Birken BC it was around 7:00pm and the sun was about to set behind the mountain range as I peddled around the small cove where I launched from, I hadn’t gone more than about a hundred yards before my ultralight bent and line was spooling from my reel, the fight was on and the small beasts acrobatics proceeded to the net and began again in my lap.20130509-104622.jpg

If you are looking for many trout from the 2-8lb range I suggest visiting WhisperingFalls Resort.the area is best fished in the spring/fall months I have been told that the winter months can bring great ice fishing opportunities. The resort holds an annual fishing derby in August that I plan to attend with my kayaks.

Anderson Lake BC fishing report May 4, 2013


All this talk of the windy Pemberton. Valley and the peaking Bull Trout fishing had me thinking Hobie Tandem Island on Anderson Lake.

Anderson is a 25km long lake and reaches depths of over 600ft with a very healthy population of Kokanee that feed a large population of Bull Trout.

We arrived on the lake expecting 10-20kmph winds to find the lake to be incredibly calm and the shear size of it utterly intimidating,

but we had fishing on our mind. We chose our gear, launched our vessel and began a daunting peddle trying to reach a steady trolling speed of 2-5mph.

After about an hour of peddling we had found a massive school of Kokanee feeding at the surface and began to troll over the jumping bait fish peddle to the medal, BAM!!! CLICK! CLICk! ZIIIINNG!!! ZING! ZIIIIIINNG!! I had hooked up. The excitement had my blood pumping as I jumped to the trampoline winding in anticipation of what was it I had caught, to my amazement it was just what We had set out to achieve a monster Bull Trout.

This may have been the only fish caught that day, but I had a great feeling of accomplishment and hope for the remainder of the trip.

A huge thanks to my supporters that made today a great success,

Wester Canoe and Kayak for supplying today’s vessel and accessories,

My good friend the GeenAngler for his company, moral support and extra peddling power,

Spud Valley Sporting Goods, Pemberton for all the valuable knowledge and advice.

Sturgeon Rod

Gearing Up for a Sturgeon Slay Ride


I remember my first attempt at fishing for sturgeon from my kayak, to this day I get just as excited to toss my bait into the Cracker Jack box at the bottom of the mighty Fraser.
One can get pretty zealous in the anticipation of hooking up with the mysterious bottom dwelling creature pulling at you line, especially from a tiny plastic bubble tethered at the surface of the unforgiving Fraser River as the effect of this cause can be loosely compared to that of the moments before you jump from a plane and the prehistoric slay ride accompanying a successful hook set to the free fall toward the ground,
I did say loosely and once you’ve experienced what I am trying to relay you might just agree.

Heres a few things will help ensure many safe, productive days of sturgeon fishing.

First off I personally will never fish the Fraser or any other moving water alone and always wear the proper PFD, there are many possible hazards in and on the water, before you should drop anchor it is a smart idea to make sure that your drifting path is clear of potential hazards such as log booms or other boat traffic, I like to think of an exit strategy in case I hook into the ride of a lifetime and end up past the point of no return,
Pack a high protein snack for the inevitable paddle back up stream.
In most paddling situations I try to dress for ambient atmospheric weather as well as immersion temp.
Anchoring in moving water is not for everyone most importantly the inexperienced paddler. It is important to understand how your specific anchor system works and how it might react in any given situation and know we’re to draw the line and stay in a safe comfort zone.

fish the seasons

With the seasons the natural food sources are ever changing and for the successful sturgeon angler adaption will result in increased productivity and even further a heightened potential for the ride of a lifetime.
In the spring and early summer the sturgeon will be recovering from the slow dormant winter months willing to take almost anything offered to them in order to put on some much needed weight,
When the salmon start to migrate into the river systems during the end of summer deep into fall using the flesh from the predominantly migrating salmon species will be key to hooking up with a behemoth.

Big Bait = Big Fish

You can look at this as a way to target a desired general size of fish.

When in search of an intense work out that will surely rival any spinning class you might attend the bigger the bait the better and match your hook size to your bait size. In any bait situation it is best to cover the hook completely while at the same time trying not to Impede the hook set.

A beginner may not want to target a 7′ + dinosaur but instead a fish more in the 4-5′ range, in this case bait a smaller hook with a small amount of available bait. That being said, there is no guarantee that a 12′ river pig won’t be pulling at your presentation.This is the exact factor that keeps me so intrigued in this fishery, you just never know what you have hooked into until it takes an acrobatic leap from the depths.

line Maintenance

After all what’s the point of having your presentation in the water if its not going to be up to the task.

Be sure to check the sharpness of your hook every time you reel in, hooks can easily be blunted by dragging against rocks and debris at the bottom of the river bed.

Its also a good idea to check for abrasions in your leader or main line which can be caused by the scutes of your last catch, a tangle or even from your weight sliding along your line.
As the river bottom is constantly and forever altered there may be new material deposited into your favourite spots such as tree branches or even boulders. Some days when I find myself replacing gear often to avoid further abrasion problems I will move to a new location all together.

This is one topic I could write about for days but that would take all the fun out of getting out there and experiencing this amazing fishery for yourselves.

Tight lines and happy slay rides.