Hydrobomb Drysuit

Bomber Gears Hydrobomb Drysuit

Over the last few years I have been in search of superior protection from the elements while pursuing my passion for kayak fishing without completely breaking the bank.
Lets face it this thing makes me look good.20130422-164541.jpg

And I have finally found it in a drysuit specifically this years Bomber Gear Hydrobomb drysuit.

This thing is all around bang for buck incredible, the 2.5 layer breathable waterproof fabric holds even the harshest spring weather at bay allowing you to stay fishing in perfect comfort while most others would have to clock out and go home in absolute shivering misery.20130422-174926.jpg

Yes some will say “but its not Gore-tex” and this is true and I own many Gore-tex products and this products breathability and water repelling performance can compare to that of Gore-tex without the hi price tag.20130422-165322.jpg

The fused (not glued) neoprene protected latex gaskets are easily modified for adjustment to fit your individual comfort requirements.
These gaskets can take some time to get used to but once you adapt to the extra strain around your neck, wrists and ankles you will never look back.

Bomber Gears signature waterproof TiZip zippers for the convenient front entry and my personal favourite relief zipper are amazing and cater to a more casual crowd versus some other suits that are built and priced for the more professional of kayakers.20130422-165814.jpg


The sticker price is comparable to a nice pair of chest waders without the worries of capsizing and retaining all kinds of water In your clothes.
I would easily throw on some gravel guards and my wading boots for a day of shore fishing at a river.

Here is a link to an article posted in kayak magazine about wearing the proper gear while on the water. Kayak Magazine, Waders of death.

All in all after a lengthy test of this product I will be ordering a suit at the earliest convenience, life is to short to do anything half way.

Tight lines and dry clothes.

Sturgeon Rod


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